Art History Lectures


My Mission:  Bringing Art to Life:

I am fascinated by art masters that  made an impact on the way art is created and perceived. They had the vision, passion and courage to defy previous practices and beliefs and invent new ways of creating and looking at art - ways that have lasted through the entire history of art.

Seeking to understand what motivated these artists, I researched their personal lives, their family background and their motivations.

My art lectures describe each artist's works and styles and place them relative to art movements such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, and relative to world-history events that influenced them.

The lectures are intended for non-Art experts and are presented in vivid and simple ways.  They are graphic and include numerous examples of paintings, quotes, and historical facts.

I have lectured in culture clubs, schools, senior citizen centers, cruise ships, corporations and private groups.
I have provided a few hundred lectures to many thousands of people in three continents in an attempt to "democratize and popularize art awareness."


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