Third Wind


Adam Kaminsky was busy painting one of his dreary landscapes from the views he saw outside his studio window, when a knock on the door interrupted him. Lonely and bitter Adam caged himself in his house on the top of a hill in Rosh Pina, disconnected from society. No-one in Rosh Pina has spoken to the crazy old man for over twenty years. That’s why he was puzzled by the knocking. Who dares interrupting his desolate life routine?

At the door stood Daniel, a lively and energetic seventeen year old who claimed to be his grandson. The two lives intersected and nothing remained the same. As the two men became closer, Daniel’s contagious energy affected the old man in surprising ways. It opened him to re-engaging with life and acquiring a new wind that would propel him forward and drive him to dig deep into his past.

Through thoughtful conversations between the two, the story unfolds and we discover Adam’s life story and the background to his sourness. Born to an orthodox Jewish family in Poland, Adam lost his first love and his entire family to the tribulations of World War II. Nevertheless, he was given a second chance from an adoptive family and married his second love Halina. Hoping for a better future they immigrated to Israel with their new born daughter Lydia where they built a house in Rosh Pina. But Adam’s fortune was short lived, and soon he experienced another big loss. This time the loss of his two loved ones: his wife to illness and his daughter to Sam, a visiting American with whom she escaped to America and disconnected from him.

Delicately told through personal dialogues, this intimate story portrays the intersection of three generations and three different life perspectives: a Holocaust survivor, post-war generation, and a third generation born into a free world. While discussing life values, we discover their differences and similarities and follow them as they influence each other, reconnect and find a third wind together.



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